Not sure what to make of this. Last night, I plugged my phone into the wall charger: the one that came with my 800w, but has worked just fine for me till last night. This was around 11:30 or so, after the NCAA Championship game (yay Heels!). This morning, around 9:30 I finally dragged my **** up and the little green light was shining on my phone, but nothing happened when I tried to wake it up. I pulled the battery to soft reset, and when it came back up it said that I had a critically low battery. I plugged it back into the same wall charger and nothing happened. No charging. I ran to my computer and plugged in the USB cable that came with my Pro, and nothing happned. I then plugged the cable into the wall adapter that came with my Pro and plugged it in and still nothing doing....No Charging! I pulled the battery again, then plugged it back in and finally it started charging. The battery had drained overnight while plugged in to 3%. It's charging now, but I'm wondering is something may be wrong with my unit. Once it's charged I think I'm going to hard reset and try it out a few more days to see what happens, but it's got me a bit concerned. Has anyone else had a similar problem? Could it be a defective unit or something that I've done to it? I don't have a lot of extras installed, but I have done some install/uninstalling the last few days. Thoughts?