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    Does anyone know of any program that would allow me to turn off my treo without pulling the back cover off?
    Even a program to soft reset would suffice.
    Only because i have a skins over my treo.
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    There are plenty of programs that have soft reset capabilities. Memmaid, SKTools and more. Do a google search for ppc freeware and pick one.
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    I have MemMaid and SPB Mobile Shell installed. Both let me do this. If you are looking at spending some $$ you might want to try these. They do offer trial versions to download.
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    Also QuickMenu has one. Just google it.
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    Quote Originally Posted by wwejason View Post
    Does this program actually turn the power off to your phone or just turn off the radio? It sort of looks like it turns off the power with the shutdown button. If it does, how do you turn it back on? Can you assign a button to it?
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    Dude, Soft Reset posted by Darnell up there is awesome.
    Its just a simple program that resets your phone.
    I use it because i mess around with programs for my treo and often need to soft reset to get everything right again.
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