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    Everytime I backup my device -- ALL of my SplashMoney data (transactions, payee list, etc) is completely deleted. I've tried deleting the software, re-downloading, and reseting many times. Still the same problem.

    I have used Spb backup, Resco backup, and Sprite. I have the same problem each time.

    Not sure if this is a back up program problem or a Splash Money program problem.

    Is there anyway to make Spb backup, Sprite backup, or Resco backup work with Splash Money without deleting everything everytime I backup?
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    Have you contacted the Splash people on this issue? Is it installed in main memory or the card? The question would lead to finding if there is a way to store the data files to the card instead of the device.
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    What about the desktop version that you can sync with? Have you ever synced with it, I would assume it would still be on the desktop.
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    Time to recharge this thread...and expand it to Splash Wallet.

    Without using a computer to sync, is there a way to transfer Splash Wallet data files from 800w to Treo Pro? Can't seem to find the proper files anywhere on My800w...

    Anyone else tried this method with suces?

    As you might have guessed, I see the Pro as one step closer to having it as a stand-alone computer, without all this syncing nonsense.

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