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    My device is set to turn off the backlight if the device is not used for 1 minute. Occasionally the device will get into a state where the backlight turns off after 10 seconds ... but when I check the backlight setting, it is still set for 1 minute. Even if I try changing it again - to 30 sec, or 2 min, for example - it will keep turning off after 10 seconds. This will continue through many soft resets, sometimes for several days. Eventually, the device will go back to using the actual backlight setting. As you can imagine, this is quite annoying when it happens.

    I am on my second 800W, and this has happened with both, so I don't believe it is hardware related.

    Any thoughts? And, can anyone tell me where to look in the registry for the backlight setting (so that the next time this happens, I can check the registry entry)?
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    I have the same problem. In my case, I think sktools optimization did this, although I could be totally wrong. I cannot undo it and different optimization settings do not fix it. It makes reading even short emails a royal P.I.T.A. since it keeps cutting out, requiring me to move the arrows, which switches to a different message. I would be grateful for some help. I tried searching...
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    If it turns off in 10 seconds, it's probably the screen dimming feature and not the standard backlight timeout feature.

    See this thread to fix it:

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