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    I have a treo pro and Exchange 2007 (SBS Server 2008 to be precise). Email push more or less works BUT if I move an email or set a flag on the phone, the change is NOT reflected on the server (as reflected in Outlook running on a PC which is connected to Exchange server) until I MANUALLY hit send/recieve OR a new server-side event (e.g. a new mail) triggers a send/receive.

    Now, if I move a mail between folders or set a flag in outlook, that change IS immediately pushed to the phone.

    Finally, changes made to the CALENDAR on the device are reflected back onto the server WITHOUT a manual send/receive..

    any thoughts? have I miss configured something? Thanks for the help.
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    I think this is normal behavior. Is it set up with ActiveSync?
    Using a Centro with free ActiveSync at
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    yes....the more I test, the more the results seem inconsistent (i'm used to Chatter where Push means changes reflected on device and server in like <60sec tops) Sometimes results are quickly propogated, other times, I can wait minutes and not see the results. Is direct push really this awful? (i've even done it connected via WiFi on the LAN to eliminate network latency...results still VERY inconsistent) What is going on? Am I alone here? I thought DirectPush as good as RIM service. Unless I'm doing something wrong, this si definitely not the case!! Thoughts?
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    Just curious why it would be a concern about instantanious sync between your phone and server? Are you using both at the same time?
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    It is a behaviour of WM 6.1. Earlier when GSM Treo Pro was just released Berd ask this question. I can't put a link to it now (on Opera Mini now) but the thread number is 173071 in this forum & 173112 in 800w forum. Check those out, maybe it will help you.
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    I think it's silly and annoying to have to always remember to hit "send/receive" should be automatic, don't you think?
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    Thanks for the help. I found the links!
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    I have a hosted exchange account with mail2web and if I'm not mistaking it uses exchange 2003 and any change I make it automatically reflects or updates on the server w/o me having to hit the send/receive option. One thing I've notice is that when I update a contact it will not sync to the server (I have to manually goto activesync and hit sync).

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