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    I have a VZW 700wx running WM 6.1

    All of a sudden my Touchscreen will not respond. I cannot tap on anything and have to use the buttons for all navigation.

    The wierd thing is that when my backlight times out, touching the screen turns it back on. So the screen is not compltely dead...

    I have tried to align the screen, but it will not respond when I tap the "+"

    Two days ago it was acting funny, whenever I would tap on the screen it would respond about an inch to the left and one row down. I soft reset multiple times with no luck, I tried aligning the screen but got stuck in an endless loop of the calibration screen over and over. Then all of a sudden everything was back to normal.

    Now I can't select anything. Any ideas?
    VZW 700wx WM6.1
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    I presume you've already taken the battery out and put in back in?

    And done a hard reset?

    If you've done both of those already then I've got nothing. Sorry
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    I pulled the battery and soft-reset multiple times, no luck.

    I did a hard reset last night and everything worked again.

    Now this morning, the touchscreen is dead again...

    Any ideas?

    (edit/update #1)
    Ok, so I did another hard reset today, the touchscreen didn't work this time, now I am stuck at the alignment screen.
    I also tried a complete re-flash, still no touchscreen.
    Now that I am stuck at the alignment screen, what do I do?

    (edit/update #2)
    Ok, so after trying to figure out how to get around the alignment screen with no luck, I got mad!
    I slammed my finger against the screen about a dozen times, and what do you know, IT WORKS NOW!?!?!?!?
    I don;t know how long it is going to respond for, but for the time being it works...

    Any ideas on what is going wrong, should I take is apart and see if something is loose/borken/dirty?
    Does anyone have a disassembly chart or instructions?
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    VZW 700wx WM6.1

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