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    I just bought a Treo Pro on Ebay but was wondering if anyone could tell me how Facebook is on the Pro. Is there an app yet? Or does it just use the mobile site?
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    There is no appl that I know of, but by using pie on my unlocked TP I'm able to access most mobile facebook functions.
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    I think there are some apps floating around out there somewhere, but I haven't really cared for any of the ones I've tried. The mobile site works fine for me.
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    Quote Originally Posted by katrina2475 View Post
    I just bought a Treo Pro on Ebay but was wondering if anyone could tell me how Facebook is on the Pro. Is there an app yet? Or does it just use the mobile site?
    here u go
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    Ather's cab is as good as it gets right now, I enjoy it a lot.
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    Thank you all! I will give the .cab a try when I get it and if I don't like it, I'll just stick with the mobile site.
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    Skyfire gives you the full Facebook experience.
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    That cab is great. I just installed it on my 800w. I have been using the mobile site with Opera Mobile, which is good too. Opera's facebook widget is terrible, though...IMHO.
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    there's no official app for the pro from facebook like there is with the iphone or blackberry. I tried the .cab app and it doesnt navigate well and you cant comment on a friend's status. I just stuck with the link.
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    The only thing that I've found is Friend Moblizer...sort of buggy, but works. | FriendMobilizer
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    Thank all guys for contributing, I didn't even know these cabs existed.
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    I've been using that cab for a while. I believe it's the official Facebook app by Facebook, but still in alpha or beta. It works great for me.
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    FIM is pretty good - the IM part rocks

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    I usually use the mobile site or the FaceBook app that was posted over at

    I also use FaceBookIM and it works pretty good for me.
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    I've been trying out the Facebook application posted on this thread and so far I like it much. I can update my status, send private msgs and view other people's profiles. Like I said I didn't even know such cab appl existed.
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    Is there a way to use mobile uploads for pictures on facebook?
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    not on the mobile site but if you set up/register your phone within FB you can mms pics to to have them posted
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    The new SPB Mobile Shell 3.0 has pretty cool facebook integration-- Lets you download photos for your contacts and actually works pretty well.
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    SKybook lets you create new albums or add to existing albums. FriendMobilizer and the app in this thread will upload photos as well but in a mobile photos album that they create no options.
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    Quote Originally Posted by chocmatic View Post
    here u go
    Any Screenshots? What the latest on this app?
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