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    Here's the deal, my firm has a microsoft exchange server, we use outlook for our work email. Additionally we have a secure webmail access as well, which I can access on my treo 800 through IE.

    I want to hook it up so it comes through my outlook email automatically, like my aol accounts I have set up. I keep trying all of the different server addresses etc but nothing seems to work! The closest I got was when I was using active sync and it gave me a invalid or expired certificate error..

    Is there something specific my IT dept needs to do to let me in, or am I missing a setting? I would have thought since I can access the webmail, I should be able to get it to go through the microsoft exchange server setup.. Please help! TIA
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    You need the server address from your IT department. Most of the time it's the same as the webmail. You may need a certificate installed on your phone if the server was set up that way. Plus, I think there's is a setting on the Exchange server that has to be enabled for mobile access.
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    I use Seven7 email...the beta program is still open, it is still free and it syncs my email, calendar and contacts. I use it for webmail, Yahoo mail and gmail.

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