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    Is there any way to enable the tab in bluetooth settings for bluetooth file manager like on the touch pro? Transferring videos and such bluetooth from the mac max out the devices memory and can not be saved. Seems odd this feature would be exclusive to the touch seeing as how it was available back on win mobile 2003 and possibly earlier.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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    I am going to give MoBlue a go. Thank you!!!
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    Wile MoBlue is great in concept, I did not like the idea of having to keep it running and having it take over bluetooth. The treo pro is the 1st WM device I have owned that actually has a rock solid stable bluetooth connection so I let it alone and went with OBEXInboxex and it is fantastic.
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    Quote Originally Posted by eml626 View Post
    I am going to give MoBlue a go. Thank you!!!
    Moblue does not fit on TP (320 x 320) properly.
    You may use Dr. Yar Bluetooth (
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    The MoBlue looks very sleek and that Dr.Yar is in arabic or something.
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