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    So i bought this headphone adapter. It has the same micro usb as the palm treo but its made for the razr v8 or something. i compared the jack of the product to those of the palm treo headphones and they are exactly thee same. it has a 3.5 mm jack adapter. i hook everythingg up and yet sound is still played out of the stereo speakers in the palm treo. and no the headphone adapteer is not defective. Please help why it isnt working??
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    Because Palm made the Treo 800w audio out differently from how Motorola does it. I tried that one a good while back, when I had an 800w.

    There is no direct MicroUSB to 3.5mm adapter that works, none. For wired 3.5mm access, you've got one hope left short of splicing wires to make your own. And it all depends on the results of Mal's tests once he gets the parts in from Hong Kong. You might be able to go from a MicroUSB to USB host cable to a USB to 3.5mm adapter, but no one knows for certain yet.
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    What about this...

    Palm Mono Headset Adapter for Treo™ 800w - Palm Accessories

    Does this not work?
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    That is a 2.5mm Mono adapter. If mono instead of stereo is what you want, it will do the job when used with a 2.5mm mono headset.
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    I realize that is MONO but there isnt anything else...the 2.5MM Jack is a standard .. I cant find a stereo one..
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    Other than what has already been coverd, your other option is BT to 3.5mm using something like the Jabra BT3030. Wired provides the best sound quality, but the BT3030 is a fairly cool piece of equipment.

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