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    Can anyone suggest the best way to read/post on the TC forums using the Pro? I used skyfire on the regular site and it was pretty painful... I gotta imagine there is a mobile version, RSS (with postback), or something better suited to mobile devices.
  2. #2 using IE works fine for WinMo news/overlap with TC stuff

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    Quote Originally Posted by Malatesta View Post using IE works fine for WinMo news/overlap with TC stuff

    Great, thanks!
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    And for PreCentral:
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    i hated IE6 for forums. may times i found my self scrolling side to side just to read. this was even with the "mobile view".

    there is a sweet app way back on page three of this forum called "IE toggle". this will allow you to change IE6 to a PIE version like we had on other windows mobile devices. with this I'm scrolling up and down only. no more side to side. It also allows your dpad to go from link to link within the page instead of moving that silly sursor around the screen.

    here's a link to the FREE app.
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    I almost forgot all about this:

    Skweezer, Inc. : Mobile Users >

    I used to use it on my 650.

    There's also
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    Also, if you go to:

    User CP
    Edit Options
    Visible Post Elements

    and uncheck Signatures, Avatars and Images, and save it. The page loads real quick. Of course, you will no longer be able to see Signatures, Avatars or Images.
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    If any of you use RSS readers I did come across this thread:

    To read the treo pro forum you need the ID of this forum which is 205 (the nice names do make discovering this a challenge now). So for an RSS feed on this forum you could use the following URL:
    You can add more forums by simply adding a comma and the forum ID like this (added the 800w forum):,199

    Be nice if these went to mobile versions note above....

    Samkim in that above thread suggests this:
    Quote Originally Posted by samkim View Post
    The rss feeds as described were bringing up only new threads, and not threads with new replies. After a bit of research and experimenting, I came up with a solution. I'm not sure if this is commonly known.

    I added "do=getnew" to search for new posts.
    And I added "lastpost=1" so that the feed provides the content and date/time of the last post instead of the first post.

    It's not up to the minute, but it does a reasonably good job of showing which threads have new posts.
    This would make the 800 forum (ID 199) and the Pro forum (ID 205) in a URL like this:,199&type=rss2&lastpost=1
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    I go to

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    Use Opera Mobile. Go to or

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    I use Opera Mobile (latest version) and then enter at the web address. Fast, easy and convenient.
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