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    I'm a Palm newbie, but I have owned Windows mobile smartphones before. On the previous phones I've had, you could change the main screen with different types of Windows displays, (Windows basic, Wondows simple, etc.). I just bought the Pro this week and the Today screen is the default screen. Is there a way to unlock this and change options? I don't necessarily need to see a display of the date, whether or not I have messages, whether or not Wi-fi and Bluetooth are activated, etc. Kind of defeats the purpose of being able to have a pic for your background if you can't see it because of all the text in the way. Any help would be appreciated!!!
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    Settings----Today-----items. Just check or uncheck the different items that you want to display on the today screen.
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    Thanks!!! That worked. Any way to get rid of the Sprint and wi-fi and bluetooth status? Doesn't give you that option.

    Thanks again for the help.
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    Go here for your solution to making the Wireless Status become an optional setting --->

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