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    Got the Sprinter Treo Pro about 2 weeks ago. Upgraded from a very solid 700p. I'm using Outlook for the first time on a stand alone work computer and a laptop. My primary email is through Yahoo/AT&T. I have Outlook setup to pull in my POP email and leave a copy out on the Yahoo server.

    Here's the problem I'm a bit bother by: If my STP is connected to one of my PCs, it will sync from time to time. When I disconnect it however, I quit getting mail pushed to Outlook. Then I have to switch over to my Yahoo mail account on my WM6.1 STP. If one of my PCs is till running Outlook, all my new Yahoo mails show as read because I gues Outlook is downloading them from the Yahoo server and telling the server that the message has been read.

    Is there any way to stop Outlook from telling the Yahoo server that the messages are read? And, is there anyway for a solo Treo Pro owner to get Outlook mail pushed to his Treo Pro without having a corporate served out there doing the pushing?
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    Very frustrated with how it works (syncs) with outlook. Notes do not want to sync.. notes on calls are set up not to sync

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