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    Has anyone found a way to change the SCI on the STP? I tried doing the same way as the 800w, but it seems that Sprint changed the DIAG screen and there is no longer the Diag Passthru option.


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    Mal? Hannip? Cody? Anybody? Am I doing something wrong here, or how do we use QPST on the STP?
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    read the PST Tweaks section here:
    Touch Pro Essentials - PPCGeeks
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    just do a ##778#, select edit, enter msl, and change. should have been the same as all the others. sprint/htc/wm programing codes have been the same for a while.

    i haven't changed mine yet, but did see it there still.

    let us know.
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    Yes, that worked great. I guess this phone is more HTC than I thought. I remember changing my SCI on my PPC6700 that way, but with the Treo 700wx and 800w I don't think that worked that way. At least, the Treo 800w you had to go thru QPST, so figured it'd be the same with the Pro.

    Anyhow, thanks Lord Bricks for the info, and Cody as well.

    BTW: I changed my ACCOLC from 7 to 2. Any chance that will negatively affect anything? From what I understand it won't, but just wanna make sure I understand right.

    Also, Cody, I too have noticed a few missed calls when I seemed to have good signal. That's why I wanted to change the SCI. Will know in a day or so if it helped.

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    ACCOLC is your priority (spot in line) when checking in with a tower so that should not effect anything negatively. it could only help if your are in a densely populated area with a lot of Sprint users hitting the same tower you are connected to and the better spot you have in line (priority) the better.
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    Gotcha, that's basically how I understood it.

    I live just outside of LA, so this may help.

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