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    Hey guys .,....a noob here in your forums so I may be asking a question that has been answered...I have a Treo 700 wx on the Sask Mobility network(sasktel) in Saskatchewan Canada Its Running WM5 and I have seen upgrade to WM6 for verizon and sprint...I am wondering if there is one for my phone version treo700wx-1.10-rowen

    Any help on this would be great as I would like to upgrade to WM6 or 6.1 for that matter....

    Thanks again
    and sorry is this is a repeat post

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    any help guys .......please....or am I barking up the wrong tree here....Can I upgrade my phone to WM6.1 or not ....

  3. #3's totally doable. I'm checking it out right now. I'd send you a PM with all the info, but apparently I can't...yet.

    One thing is, I've heard that once you flash over to wm6, you can't go back to wm5.

    If you're still looking , I can give you the links to files, and info, etc...
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    I have been looking also... I would appreciate the links....

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