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    I am a loyal user (Meaning, I have put up with the poor dependability through 3 different phones despite frustration because I like the 800w in theory (I like the overall design of the device). However, I may need to jump to the Pro being I am on my 4th 800w.

    I would like to ask the community, now that you have had a pro for a week or more, to just lay out some of the things you like about it. Particularly, I would like to hear from ex-800w users. I need to know if I should just stick with the 4th or move on. To help, I will pose specific questions based on what I have read here at Treocentral:

    Is the lack of softkeys a BIG deal? I love them on the 800w. Will I get over not having it?

    Can I use a different browser that has justifies web page to one column like the 800w? That is huge to me.

    Is the battery life significantly better... my 800w battery, is not good, but tolerable (I charge nightly).

    What is your overall impression? Do you miss your 800w (when and if it actually worked).

    I really appreciate your feedback. I cannot tell you how much I love Treocentral. Many of you have helped me tweak all my palm phones and get the most out of them. So maybe helping me move on from my past 3 duds is something you can help me do!
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    It really comes down to preference. I was an 800w user and used it as my main phone for 6 months with no real issues. I never experienced any significant issues like other users on this forum except the weak battery (which was tolerable but not great!) and also in the last month have dead pixels on the screen but to more directly answer your question I have listed what I see as the pros and cons below.

    Treo Pro vs. 800w
    Pros (of Pro) -
    Great hardware (form factor)
    Flush screen - which after using for about two weeks makes a huge difference
    Seems faster to me
    Brighter screen
    Louder speaker
    More stable (no resets except those caused by me when loading different softwares )
    Much better battery life
    True mms capability (this is big for me)
    Don't have to hold option plus button together in order to access secondary function of button

    Cons (of Pro) -
    Red button handles power down - seems inconvenient to me to have the power on off on top of phone
    Palm 'special sauce' - texting, assign letters for speed dial to contact, etc
    Finger print magnet
    Keyboard (this is preference - but I think the 800w keyboard is better but I've gotten used to the Pro keyboard)
    microSD slot under battery covery
    Messaging apps bundled together (sms, mms and email)
    Not as easy to use one handed

    I'm sure I haven't gotten it all but you get the general idea. It really comes down to preference - to me the biggest difference between the two phones is the Pro is more modern, better battery life and the flush screen (and although the two screens are the same exact size it feels like the real estate is bigger) and the true mms - don't have to go on-line to get pics and videos sent to you (another forum user is working on creating the Palm threaded texting experience on the Pro which to me would be great - the current beta version is not able to download mms). To me that is enough to 'upgrade' from the 800w to the Pro. For some it may not be enough - it was for me.

    Hope this helps.
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    Quote Originally Posted by treocentro69 View Post

    Cons (of Pro) -
    Keyboard (this is preference - but I think the 800w keyboard is better but
    Not as easy to use one handed
    So are you saying, that because the Treo Pro has those Centro-like buttons, it's harder to use with one hand?

    Dreddy you mentioned in another thread that you had a Centro before, so although not exactly like the Centro's keyboard it should be something similar to what you've experienced.
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    I would move to the Pro is a no-brainer.
    One handed use is fine. Keyboard is fine (like all Treos, you adjust quickly). It is not like the gummy Centro. The feel sort reminds me of a softer version of the Treo 300, if any you recall that device.

    The flush screen is great, and the 3.5mm jack is huge. Battery life is much better.

    I'm very happy with the move.
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    I find it harder to use one handed, but not impossible. It looks great. The major thing for me as well is that the sound quality is MUCH better. The 800w always sounded muffled, like there was to much bass. People always asked me to repeat myself as well. I have none of these issues with the Pro, it even paired with my car better.
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    Although I miss a few things about the 800w (which I still have as a backup) I enjoy the pro more. Just a better device. The battery life is only slightly better though.

    Now if you have huge hands the keyboard could be an issue. If you have average hands you will be fine.
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    I forgot to mention that the lack of physical soft keys is no big deal. (at least to me).

    Also, I have big man hands and the keyboard is okay...again, you adjust.
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    I can palm a basketball and have no issue using the Pro's keyboard.

    The pro is better in just about every way- I find the increase in battery life astounding versus the 800.

    No softkeys were a poor design choice in my opinion- although really all it boils down to is not being able to use ie in full screen mode. Oh and btw, search "Ie toggle" it turns out the new internet explorer can be "downgraded" via a registry tweak to allow it to work just like pie on the 800. Codyppc wrote a little app that allows you to switch back and forth.
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    Forgot to mention that I am really surprised just how well the virtual softkeys work. Internet explorer as stated above presents the only issue I have come across.
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    i like the lack of softkeys. with the flush screen, tapping the screen to get the softkey is no biggie. i like it.

    the web browser can be fixed with the IE toggle app someone here put together. it gives a more 800w style PIE than IE6. it also lets you go back to IE6 if you need/want it later.

    battery alone was a nice improvement for me.

    i may not be able to palm a basketball, but i can completely cover a quarter with my thumb (fat thumbs). those same thumbs are working fine on the treo pro keyboard. 1 week and you'll be use to it.
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    Quote Originally Posted by brothermike View Post
    mikec need more input to process your message. johnny 5 is alive...

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    I went through 3 Treo 800w, and am now on the Treo Pro. I'm much happier now. I was so frustrated with the Treo 800w, and wasn't shy about letting Sprint know. Fortunately, after jumping through (many many) hoops, they replaced it with a Treo Pro for me.
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    [QUOTE=darnell;1576325]So are you saying, that because the Treo Pro has those Centro-like buttons, it's harder to use with one hand?

    Nope. What I meant is the Pro is physically wider than the 800w and at least for me more difficult to use one handed. I've gotten used to the keyboard on the Pro (took less than a few days) but I prefer the keyboard on the 800w. On the 800w I can fly on the keyboard when typing an email or text but I also had it for 6 months - where as on the Pro even after almost three weeks still making lots of errors on my typing - didn't take me that long to get speed on the 800w. Overall, I think the Pro is better but not a complete 'fix' to the 800w. That being said I prefer the Pro and it has replaced my 800w. I did keep my 800w as a back up to the Pro and it really does come down to preference.
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    I really liked my 800w. I have a Pro now, and really the only thing I miss is the keyboard. With the Pro, I'm constantly hitting the space bar when I'm trying to type the V and B keys.

    Other then the keyboard though, I like the Pro a lot better. The size is better as it's thinner then the 800w. I don't miss the buttons at all as I got used to the soft buttons really quickly. It reacts to incoming and outgoing calls faster, and seems pretty darn stable so far.

    The battery life is WAY better. I use my phone a lot. I go over 5k minutes a month easy. There were times with my 800w that it would be dead by noon. So far, my Pro has lasted me quit a bit longer with the same usage that I had with the 800.

    If given the choice, there is no option IMO. The Pro wins all day long. I've had a bunch of phones. I loved the form factor of the Q's I had, but I didn't like the OS and lack of touchscreen. The Pro feels like that type of phone, with the full WM OS and a touchscreen. So far, it seems like the best smart phone I've had to date, and I've had a lot.

    I was going to stay with my 800 until the Pre came out. Now that I have the Pro, I think I'll wait for the Pre to have a few months under it's belt before I consider it.
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    Quote Originally Posted by mikec View Post
    In Soviet Russia, basketball palms you!
    What about Hanna and her 5 sisters?

    OK, I like the Pro because its thin. The audio is great now and 3.5 mm jack is very nice.

    Thing I dont is no upper keys and plastic keyboard.
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    I have owned both the 800w & now the Pro as well as a lot of others above.. I have to say that the Pro is as close to the being the perfect smartphone as it could possibly get.. at least for what is on the market now. I am actually on it now as I write this listening to music through the 3.5mm jack. The audio quality is superb.. I have NO need for another mp3 player.

    The soft keys are a NON issue, as stated above - I like them better too. when I switched I didn't think that this would be the case.

    The only set back is the keyboard in my opinion.. it is still great, but the 800w's is just a smidge better. Also.. fingerprints get annoying, I would have preferred soft touch like the 800w but the gloss makes it damn sexy!! it is hard to dislike the Pro.. I am sure you will love it!

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