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    A great program and now an easy way to upgrade to Iconsoft PhonEx

    For a limited time only you have the opportunity to register a fully licensed copy of PhonEx for absolutely free. All you need to do is post information on the Iconsoft PhonEx on Internet resources dedicated to the relevant subject.

    You can get an Iconsoft Phone Extension license in several ways:

    * Post 5 new topics on the subject of Iconsoft PhonEx on Internet forums dedicated to the relevant subject, with a link to
    * Post 1 video on YouTube, telling of the advantages of the Iconsoft PhonEx + 2 new topics on forums dedicated to the relevant subject, with a link to
    * Publish positive article on a resource dedicated to the relevant subject, with a link to

    There are just three general rules that must be followed:

    * Information must be posted on Internet resources dedicated to the relevant subject, namely sites directly involved with mobile devices, smart phones, Windows Mobile, mobile device software, etc.
    * Information must be posted in the interests of Iconsoft; this provided, no damage may be inflicted on third party interests.
    * Any information posted on the Internet must not violate posting rules on the relevant resources.

    Information posted on resources other than those dedicated to the relevant subject, as well as information not in line with the posting rules, will not count and will not be accepted for the purposes of this promotional event. Iconsoft shall not be liable toward third parties for you posting any information on any resources. Liability of Iconsoft toward you shall be limited to providing you with the right of free registration of the Iconsoft PnonEx application pursuant to the indicated rules.

    Iconsoft reserves the right to evaluate the quality of posted information.

    And so onward! Post information and send a confirmation by email to We will waiting!
    If your information fully complies with Iconsoft requirements, you will immediately receive the right to register your copy of Iconsoft PhonEx for free.

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