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    I have to have call history and notes on the calls sync to oulook. They are staying on the phone, the notes also do not sync to outlook. I love the phone, however unless I can get this resolved, I have to return it. anyone offer suggestions?
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    I don't think you are able to sync "call history" to outlook but you can sync notes. You need to open up mobile device center and check the box for this option to sync. Then it will show up in outlook under the teeny tiny icon at the bottom of outlook for "notes".

    Has any phone that you have ever owned been able to sync call history though?
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    yes, all of my other treos (palm os), I added Call log+ from Chapra (sp) great program. I understand the notes and checking the box, but it still does not want to do it. Very frustrated with windows, I keep trying to use, However, this feature is a MUST for me. I contact chapra, they are not updating the program, so I am stuck.
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    I think htc touch pro2 is adding that feature. I want to use the treo pro, love the phone, hate the syncing, However, without this feature, there is no way. I have to have call log and notes made on the calls any ideas?

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