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    A couple of days ago, I posted that after a company server upgrade, my Pro is no longer able to sync with the Exchange Server. Techs have worked on this issue for almost a couple of days and no resolution yet. As a temporary measure, I am using AT&T's Xpress mail program which allows my Pro to sync with my outlook for email and calendar only. For contacts and tasks I have to connect the Pro to the craddle and do a sync directly with the PC. Xpress mail is ok but it eats a lot of memory and requires a soft reset from time to time when it won't communicate with my outlook (catch is that your PC has to be on for Xpress mail to work). Is there any other good push email software that I can use with outlook? Your input is greatly appreciated.
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    I don't really know if Flexmail <--
    would do for you, but it s an IMAP/POP3 push email program, unless your work server has an IMAP backup way to access emails. I don't kno about calendar now.
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    Does anyone else experience the treo pro not pushing email on schedule? I set up my hotmail account on the phone, and specified "As items arrive" and sometimes I'll get an email and it would take more than 20mins before it gets to the phone. Sometimes I have to manually "send/receive" before I get them. Do I have a bad device? Is there a way around that? or do others have the same issue?

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