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    Is there a way to set the handset ringer to ring or vibrate even though I have the headset connected?

    If so, there are times duiring the day I must wear a dust mask and goggles that inevitably knock the earpiece out or tangle with it. But I'd rather still keep it connected.

    It would be easy enough if it were ringing to pull the earset out of my pocket to answer, but as it is I don't even know I have a call. I really son't want to be hanling the phone or resetting devices any more than I have to.

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    I always thought the handset rang even when connected to a BT headset that was on.
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    Mine rings when my headset is connected.
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    I have 2 BT earsets: Plantronics Discovery 655 and Jabra BT8040. When I use the 655, both the handset and the earset ring. With the BT8040, only the earset rings. I think the handshake between the handset and the earset determines how the ringer is handled.

    I hope this helps.
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    Thanks Rob. I did get it to work, but I cannot account for the intermittent behavior. I soft reset twice then noticed it began working.

    The one thing I had been doing is switching between three bluetooth headsets. One in the car, one at work and then another in a truck. All are plantronics but have separate distinguishing features, the phone possibly was not adapting seamlessly between them. But that's a guess.

    At the time of the issue, however none of them were allowing the handset to ring. It's working now.


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