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    Interesting post Cody and I think you've brought up a good point..... I really like my BB, but I'm bored with it. I'm not computer savvy, but I think I can read and learn a little at a time about WinMo.
    Yes, you can. And I think you'd be happily surprised at how much & how quickly you'll learn. And the people here help a lot. So take advantage & enjoy.

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    One of the bigger complaints about the bb is the screen resolution. My understanding is the Pro has a high res screen but some people are complaining that it's washed out? Is that only in the sun or everywhere?
    Only in sunlight. Which is true of a lot of phone screens. And the GSM Pro is actually better in sunlight than some I've owned. Got mine before they announced the Pre. And I'm happy enough with it that, even if they brought out a GSM Pre tomorrow, the Pre would probably end up being my 2nd phone.
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    I had to switch from Curve to a winmo device for work. I was very bummed at first. But after a small learning curve (no pun intended) I find the treo pro does what I need it to do. Sometimes there are more button presses involved but overall I am satisfied. Don't over think it. I know I did and that is my only regret.
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    I held a BB 8900 from t-mobile and the screen resolution on it it's much better than on my Treo Pro, but then again I don't know why Palm didn't just jump the ship from traditional 320*320 to the type of resolution blackberry 8900 uses (480*320) or like HVGA, only will skip it 'til the Pre is released. But I'm a WM Treo lover & can't live w/o the all mighty WM!
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    Well, I have always been a WM users. However, I never really liked WM at all. The only reason I stayed is because of the wide selection of software that others don't have. I bought an Iphone 3g and returned it after 2 days.
    In WM, windows are always poping up because something gets pushed with your face when you are speaking on the phone, things never work quite right.
    I had a Treo 750, AT&T Tilt, and now Treo Pro. The Pro is defiantely the best, except for the keyboard and stylus.
    I hate the Pro's keyboard. It is designed for a 5 year old's fingers. The Pro's stylus is pathetically small. It's not comfortable to hold. Furthermore, I just can't stand the fact that I even need a stylus. BB's trackball is 10000 times smarter and easier to use than a stylus.
    So yesterday, I finally decided to give the BB Bold a shot now that MLB Gameday Audio is available for BB.
    I won't get rid of my Pro until I had a chance to test out the BB and see if I like it.
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    the question really needs to reflect your carrier.

    with sprint, the curve is old and limited (picture mail and no mms). they always seem to have a better line up with wm.

    if you had at&t the bold is a strong competor and the fuse with less memory and more lag than the touch pro, it's a tough choice. with the iphone and other great at&t choices, it would be hard.

    if i had tmobile, which really doesn't have a wm line up, it would probably be closer to the G1 or bb8900.

    i know this is a treo pro vs bb curve thread, but carrier does make a big difference. if you were talking at&t, there wouldn't even be a curve option. it would be the bold.

    most of us here would be with sprint since the gsm treo pro was not put out by carrier. unlocked people have all the choices in the world really.
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