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    Quote Originally Posted by kkagawa View Post
    I may shell out $7 for a new Ebay battery.
    just go to a sprint store and complain abt battery life and they will give u a new one.
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    I am jealous. I would still be using the 800W if it were not for the problems I had.

    Quote Originally Posted by Malatesta View Post
    still on my first 800w and working like a champ...
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    Quote Originally Posted by Malatesta View Post
    still on my first 800w and working like a champ...
    As am I and it been solid since I bought it last August.
    Palm Pilot Pro...Palm III...Treo 650...Treo 700p...Treo 800w...Palm Pre
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    I replaced my first one a few weeks in because it wouldn't recieve calls. The second one has been great. I usually charge it when I can but if I forget to all day long it's still at 80% the next morning. Can't even remember the last time I had to use my spare battery or the Sprint USB battery.

    I played with a Pro when the Sprint folks came to our office to drum up business but didn't like the feel of it. The lack of the soft keys would annoy me as I've gotten so used to using them without looking in several apps.

    They didn't have a Pre so I couldn't check that out but I've been following the forum for it.

    It seems that people who are used to switching devices all the time are more likely to be unhappy with anything they get and I don't understand why those same people seem to be first in line to get the newest thing instead of letting others try it out and report real-world experiences.

    I did get the 800w close to when it first came out but I was in a pickle with a dead 7135 on Verizon and can't live without a smartphone (well I could but it would be painful).
    Bell Rotary --> Kyocera 6035 --> Kyocera 7135 --> Palm Treo 800w
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    Been reading more about the PRE having poor reception.
    My 800 has really great reception.Way better than my 700p.
    When I first got the 800, I was amazed how I stayed connected on a 10 minute call,where I lived in a hilly area that the 700 would always lose signal after 15 seconds.
    Mines got bullet proof reception.
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