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    My company's server was recently enlarged and the speed was increased as well. After the upgrade, I noticed my Pro was not syncing with the MS exchange server. I kept getting the traditional error messages (e.g., a problem on the server, etc.). After hours of trying to configure with my IT person, it was finally suggested that an SSL certificate needs to be installed on the server end in order to allow my phone to communicate with the Exchange Server. Can anyone confirm if they have had to deal with this issue and what, if any, solution was applied? My company still uses a 2003 MS exchange server. Thank you.
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    i have had a similar problem when i went from 2003 to 2007 exchange. what i had to do was delete the original exchange and create a new one. i did this by doing a hard reset.

    i did a hard reset to completely remove the original, but i now think you could have just deleted the account and it would have done the same thing.

    there is an IT policy that has to be set before sync. i think you have the old policy on there and the new one cant be installed until that is removed.

    good luck.
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    I got Exchange Server 2007 and wanted it to run it on my home PC. But I know it will be like a jet flying my head. So I didnt do it.
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