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    I use a Seidio extended battery (2600 mAH) with my 800W. The battery is great! The problem I'm having is that the battery gauge seems to be judging the percentage remaining based on the Palm 1150 mAH battery that comes with the Treo, rather than the actual capacity of the Seidio battery.

    I go to Settings / System / Power. The display shows mAH consumed of -877 with 23% battery power remaining. Doing this math puts 100% right at 1150 mAH -- the factory default. Really, it should show I have about 66% remaining:

    ((2600 - 877) / 2600) * 100%

    Does anyone know of a way to "recalibrate" the battery gauge to work with a 2600 mAH battery?


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    the instructions that come with the battery say to charge and completely discharge the battery several times to "condition" the battery (lets not start a battery conditioning discussion here).

    the complete cycling of the battery is supposed to recalibrate the battery meter (per seidio tech support)
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