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    Under Start/Settings/Personal/Buttons/Select a Button: I have a Button 6 listed but can't figure out where Button 6 is physically located on the phone. I went ahead and assigned a program to Button 6 but I can't find it to push it.

    I've searched the Treo 750's User Manual, Microsoft's Mobile site, Palm's site, and finally found TreoCentral's FAQs, Bug List, etc but still haven't found Button 6. (I know the answer is somewhere on TreoCentral's site but I can't find it).

    Any info is greatly appreciated.

    Treo 750
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    it might be a hold down the button type thing. do you have sbp installed?
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    That's got to be it mtiberio, I do have spb PocketPlus v4 installed.

    I knew my numerical 6 on the dialing pad is being used for a speed dial entry but your post made me go back and read the PocketPlus user manual again.

    My button assignment option is Button 6 (not 'Button 6 - long press' as in the sbp manual). The sbp manual refers to an 'Add Button' wizard which I can't find right now but will keep looking.

    With the speed dial turned off for my numerical 6 and a program assigned to it, it still doesn't respond.

    I'll post back if I get it figured out. Thanks for your help.

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