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    absolutely agreed on all items stated. i donated to the sMMS fund to view incoming MMS's, but wish I hadn't. that program is the slowest, clunkiest thing i've ever used! i hate solutions that are the lesser of 2 evils, hehe....


    did the same. Donated and it seems i have to sync the darn thing anytime a a pic comes in. Slow....

    There has to be something better.
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    I read somewhere in this thread that sMMS was being used. I went ahead and donated for the app, but do not have the "intercept" feature working. SomeGuys said that Palm messaging and sMMS dont play well together.

    Did anyone have success intercepting messages.

    By the way, i did uncheck the auto collect feature in Hannips app.

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    Great program Hannip. Appreciate your hard work.

    Do you or does anyone else have the issue of this program sending duplicate texts? When I send one text the recipient always receives two. I'm thinking the old default cremudgeon SMS program is still running in the background duplicating all my sent SMS's, but that's just my speculation. My apologies if this was already addressed earlier in this topic, I searched "duplicate" and didn't find anything.

    Only other issue (very minor) is if I'm the last one to send a text to a person, that person's thread drops way down my inbox list into purgatory. If I last received a text from that person, then their thread is in its proper heirarchy at the top of my inbox. Not a big deal, just a curious point to me.

    Keep up the good work!
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    I was able to get this to work on my GSM Treo Pro. I have AT&T. So far so good. Thanks
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    Okay so I did come across a problem. I can no longer send an mp3 MMS. No matter how small it is I get a message File too large please select another file and try again. The smallest mp3 I tried with was 95.0k. These were files that I was able to send before.
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