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    One thing I have noticed compared to my 800w, the word completion is very laggy. If I turn on the "Suggest words when entering text" option it slows down all my typing if I have it to much. On my 800w I had it set to show me 4 suggestions after I typed 1 letter. It never had a problem at all with that. I tried that with the Pro and it got way to slow. I would type a letter and it would take over a second just to show up on the screen... if I type a whole sentnece to fast I could put the phone down and watch it type for the next 7 seconds after I stopped.

    I have it set to show me two words now after I type 5 charecters. This seems to be OK at the moment. My spelling sucks so I usualy try to rely on this feature. At least it has a spell checker now.
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