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    Sorry to bombard you guys with different threads. I tried charging my used Treo I bought for the first time today and no matter how long I let it charge, it will only charge to 85%. It did not have problems with not being able to charge at all after a full discharge (as is described on Palm's website) but only charging upto 85% is concerning.

    Anyone else have this problem or had it but fixed something similar? Let me know thanks so much in advance!

    Also I am coming over from using the Palm OS (700p). I heard that on windows machines, if you leave the battery dead for over 30 min, the internal backup battery will also drain and you will lose all your data (similar to a hard reset) Is that really true as well? Palm OS may be old but I never had that problem before.
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    Not sure about your first question. To the second question, no this is not true. It used to be true before they started using solid state memory a few years ago(It used to affect Palm OS back in the day too) but now you no longer lose storage if the battery dies.
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    Hey I too know this problem. 1st put your battery in the 800, next plug in the charger, next plug the charger into the 800. OK if you've done it that way & it still doesn't charge it could be a bad battery or it could be a bad USB port. Now these USB port are fragile & the charging connecters don't like to be moved around while plugged into the port. This problem has happened to me numerous times. So call Sprint or go to the shop, "Let 'em know, NOW". Only warning "DON'T" get a refurb or tell them to give you the Treo Pro in return & or get another charger for yourself as a backup & get some more batteries.
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    Have you applied the USB charging update?
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    I had the same problem. I got my 800w 2 weeks ago. I took it back to sprint and they exchanged it. The new one has not charged to 100% only once. My 700wx always charged without any problem. I think you should return it as I did and hopefully your replacement will work better.
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    Yes I did try the USB charging update. I'll try what cscoot03 suggests. Hopefully it will charge all the way. I dont have an insurance plan, can I still return it to Sprint or Palm? How can you even get a Treo Pro when they are so much more expensive?

    It cant be the cable because I saw the indicator light go from Red to Green without interference. I am thinking that means "good connection" Thanks guys I'll keep you posted
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    When I RST there's a regular order I go through to get my 800 running again. Always getting Both Palm battery & voice udates & unchecking the beam & usb to pc boxes are mandatory.
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    My primary red light goes on but does not charge it actually discharges while it's charging. I know it's the port & is not charging since I have 2 800's & was able to make a comparison betwwen the 2 800's. Learned about this when on the phone w/Sprnt & saw it actually went to '0' w/out a warning from the 800 it needed to be charged & then died losing connection w/sprnt. (never saw that before & Afte chnging batteries ot did it again the next day & about 3 seconds after it it '0' it turned off again). Then I knew.
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    Now I love my 800's even w/small battery, but Sprnt is clearing the shelves & they don't like to tell us stuff so the Treo Pro is the update of the 800.
    Here goes: you never know (unless you ##786#) how old the phone is so you might get stuck - But- Sprint will update the phone to one that is the same or 'better' if sprint has no more of the same to replace it with... but YOU must let them know within the 15- 30 days after you get the phone what troubles you're having w/it- AND- YOU MUST hound them for a replacement no matter how many times you have to call & repeat or be transferred & dropped around the world. It bites but they're are some(?) bad , greedy people that work for them & all they want is your money. Good Luck.
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    cscoot03... I think that 15-30 day window does not apply to me since I bought this phone used. I really like the 800w too. Except for the fact that the dpad button is worn out completely.

    I took your way and charged the phone and now it went up to 100%. I'm going to periodically check from now to make sure that the charge is not draining down from 100% after it completely charges. Kinda odd if it does but I'm sure it's possible. thanks for all the help. I'll keep you posted on what happens. I think i can even send it to Palm to get a replacement since it should still be under warranty

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    Gad to help.
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    Quote Originally Posted by cscoot03 View Post
    Gad to help.
    is there a way to keep my battery at 100% charged wen on the charger? my battery reaches 100 but then drops to 95 then back up to 100
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    800's are wired to charge to a percetage. If you want to change that percentage find TWC_Philly post & it will help you re-register that percentage. But new batteries take a couple of full charges to stay fully charged & make sure your task manager shows you what apps you have running in the back ground. I say this so that when you're done using the 800 you can shut them off when you're not using the 800 so the battery doesn't keep working when it's not supposed to .
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    I'm putting together a list of what I use w/my 800's including referrals to other other members who have helped & am thankful for. I'm glad to help. Thanks
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    I've had 3 800's and none of them fully charged to 100%. Just the way it is.
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    Even though the green light comes on it will still charge it just depends how long you keep the phone on charge. My batteies do get to 100% when after a couple charges but reduce in that amount the older the battery gets.
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    ok I checked to see if it will drain after being plugged in. It does go down to 95% from 100% then back to 100%. Oh well.
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    95% is normal, that's when it starts it's charge.
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    ok sounds great. Thanks! Good thing I dont have to get it replaced!

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