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    Sbsh PocketBreeze and Calendar touch
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    hey all,

    i was looking thru posts and someone posted a Paint program.

    now i cant seem to find that post.

    does anyone know which one im talking looks like microsoft paint program

    i think its free too. it better be
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    SPB Mobile Shell is worth whatever they charge and then some!!! makes the STP a MUCH more user friendly piece of equipment. Truly glad I purchased this!
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    Is there a program out there for viewing jpegs easier.

    usingthe default jpeg viewer is a bit inconvenient when zooming...gotta press menu > zoom, then this little box ppops up on the right with little +/- buttons for zoom. meanwhile the box takes up like a quarter of the screen. so to close it you gotta press menu and zoom again.

    something with zoom buttons already displayed on the bottom would be nice
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