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    Most of us are pretty interested in the news and updates re the Palm Pre - I just read the NY Times article quoted on the Home page of TreoCentral
    I am a Treo Pro user (GSM - on ATT network).

    The article alluded to Sprint being the faster network with better coverage as it compared the success of the iPhone (ATT) and the potential success of the Plam Pre (Sprint) .... is this info true for others that use the Treo Pro on a GSM network?? I just didn't realize that the Sprint network was thought to be faster than the ATT network ????
    Can Sprint users talk on the phone and do data at the same time?

    Sorry, a bit borderline for being off topic, but I wanted to see what other Pro users had to say
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    I think field test in link pretty much says it all when it comes to coverage ,all carries have strong /weak points.
    Review: The Definitive Coast-to-Coast 3G Data Test

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