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    The title says it all? I am coming from a 700p and am shocked that there does not appear a way to add extra digits (for voice response systems) in the Speed Dial part of the phone application.

    Does anyone know how to do this?
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    I found a solution for the extra digits when dialing. You can use the contacts app, create a record for voicemail etc. When entering the number add a P for a 2 second pause and a W for a pause that requires you to hit the talk button to continue.
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    Thanks JamesGang. This helped me too. And I much prefer this, since it's easier to edit the contact than the speed dial, and it's saved in the contact also. Apparently, you can substitute 2 commas in the old speed dial (1 second pause) with just 1 'P' in contacts. I also found that changing just the additional stuff (after the phone number) doesn't cause a sync of the contact. So if you edit the number of pauses in the desktop Outlook app, you need to change a digit in the phone number also so it will sync the change to the treo.
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    Same problem coming from 700P. There is no way on the Pro to edit the preprogrammed (#1) voicemail speed dial? The only way is to add a new contact and speed dial, so the automatic voicemail button is useless?

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