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    A search only turned out 1 useful thread with it's last post being Jan 2008.

    So anyway, I'm looking for a memory card for my newly bought TREO 750 and I've read it only can support 2GB mini SD card? But the last thead said it can support up to 8GB without any problems.

    Any updates on how much memory the Treo 750 can accomodate?

    Thanks in advance.
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    From everything I have seen, you maybe could do 8GB in SDHC (high capacity), but you probably would have to do that with a Micro SD card and converter. Have not seen 8GB in Mini SD card form.

    Also, people have reported problems with some larger capacity cards in the 750, so you should ask around for a good reliable brand that will work with the 750.

    I am still using the 2GB card.
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    there is a patch tat I ran on my 700wx so it wud se a 8 gig sd card wud suggest find the patch see if it wrks
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    Just put 8 gig micro with an adapter in 750, works fine. I usually have 4 gig in it, and I never tried the 8. Now I know.
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    I'm using a 4GB SDHC from Kingston memory. No problems to date... during the time of purchase, 8GB capacity SDHC were not available in Canada.
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    Currently using an 8GB Sandisk no problems. Recently bought a 16GB Lexar and it appears to be okay too. They're all microSD but used with miniSD adapter.
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