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    I have one very important password protected Excel spreadsheet that I have been using on my Pocket PC for many years. This is a spreadsheet that is updated regularly on my desktop or laptop computer. This worked great on Pocket PC 2003SE and before. When WM5 was released, it was with the password capability in Excel Mobile was removed. I had hoped it would be fixed with WM6 or WM6.1. No luck. Does anyone have a suggestion? A work around or a third party Excel Mobile reader that will allow me to read password protected Excel Spreadsheets. Yes, I have the password and it is changed regularly for security. Thanks.

    I hope excel mobile can have the very important feature!
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    Can't you create a folder, and then password protect the folder? Then put the Excel file in it?
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    Doc to Go at allows for password protected Office files. I use it on WM6.1. Works great.
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    Are there any applications or ways to securely encrypt a office file and then use it on the Treo pro? I obviously know that I can turn on encryption for the entire SD card, but I prefer to do it on a file-by-file basis and this document states that the default password/encryption mode for Office is insecure and it appears to me that is the only method supported by Docs2Go:

    How safe is Excel encryption. Is it really secure?

    Thanks for any input!

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