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    I know that there's a hack for the Side Button (wifi) to be configured to any application; however, this only works on the GSM version. Has any one been able to figure it out for the CDMA version?

    Here's what i'm referring to: Enabling the Side Button on Treo Pro | TreoProTricks
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    Edit: misunderstood lilboi question.

    Yeah, I see now why the one ovan posted doesn't work, it reassigns it from ptt.

    What is the side button assigned to on the Sprint Treo Pro?
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    It's assigned to the camera for "hold side".

    I just tried ovan's hack and it works for me. I have voicecmd on "push side" and camera on "hold side". And the "push side" button shows up in the Buttons settings.

    Oh, I think the op wants to change the wifi side button, not the camera side button on the other side of the device. Is that right?
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    I'm not sure how to get this working. The Wifi button still acts as wifi even after i follow the directions.
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    You could try Aebuttons.
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    +1 to ovan's reg hack. I've always loved the 'push side' on my 700 and 800 for the KeyLight program. not sure what i'm going to use it for on the Pro, but we'll see!
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    here's a cab to install this hack for the sprint treo.
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