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    Is there a notification that will fit in the task that will digitaly show what the Battery charge is for the 800? Can anyone make one? I don't mean an icon. Thanks
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    Quickmenu will do right corner. It will also do analog, or a combination of digital and analog. Not sure if this is what you're looking for. QM is freeware.

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    Yea That's kinda what I want but won't that get covered by the X? And I was kind of hoping it would go to the left for that reason. Thanks
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    Yeah, it will get can move it, but that had side effects if I recall correctly because it went into something else's "slot", can't remember what.
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    Hey where did you put your avatar like that together?
    Are all your buttons hidden & do you get alerts ,etc.? All black w/large tme is cool I like that.
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    I want to put it over the WM flag wilill it go that far to the left? ( where do you get this app at?) Do you know if that battery Icon can be removed? I know lots of questions but Thanks.
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    quickmenu is freeware...any pocket pc freeware site should have it. I don't think it will go left of the flag. there are other meters that will go on top of the task bar. the battery icon can be removed via reg edit, its in here somewhere in the reg edit thread I think.
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    I unserstand that but ariel battery slides over the flag but it sits partially below the Task bottom bar & is hard to see. I'l go check over at freeware now . Thanks
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    I've been so busy I didn't realize, already tried that menu but that's so 'busy'. all I was asking was for just to put the battery notif. up there not all the rest. I have my screen set-up in a way I already like but I'll try it again & see if I can come up w/something. Thanks
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    Hey Just saying thanks for reminding me & after moving the battery over it looks ok. Thanks
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    SPB Pocket Plus has a digital battery indicator. It also has a great today plug in.
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    OK where's that at?

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