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    I have installed FlexMail 4.01 on my Sprint Treo Pro and have been able to receive e-mail from my 2 accounts, though the key was surprisingly to uncheck "Use Secrure connection" & "Use secure authentication". However, no matter what I settings I choose, I cannot get FlexMail to send e-mail through the SMTP server.

    Has anyone gotten this to work? Do I have to use a Sprint SMTP server? Any advice would be greatly appreciated, as I have spent over 8 hours trying to resolve this. Thanks!
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    I use it extensively. My settings:

    In: / port 143, timeout: 2 min
    Security settings:

    User name and password are filled in.

    Prompt for password on authentication errors. I do not have other boxes marked at all. None.

    Out: / port 25 / timeout 2 min
    domain - empty
    Security settings:
    Checked: authentication required - the sub menu has enabled the use same settings as incoming mail server.
    Prompt for password on authentication errors.
    The only boxes checked are Authentication required & Prompt for password.

    Under the IMAP specific settings: all excent force messages permanent deletion are enabled. Nothing in the root folder box.

    My normal box settings:
    Enable message downloading is enabled, I down the entire message and keep everything. On attachments I download only the name. I also have allow single folder synch enabled.
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    Thanks so much for your quick reply. I am up and running with your suggestions. I, however, am very upset with who says that SSL is required for SMTP in all their documentation, but you have shown that it isn't!!! That is not good.

    Two more questions, have you figured out how to subscribe to different IMAP folders? I can't figure this out. The second related question is how do you synchronize Sent messages back to the Sent folder on your account?
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    I figured out how to subscribe to IMAP folders. My problem was that I had typed "Inbox" in the root folder/folder path, as I had with Chattteremail, but this prevented from subscribing to folders, since there aren't any (for me) inside the Inbox folder.

    I am still having trouble uploading documents to the server Sent folder. I have the Sent folder subscribed and "Set as Sent", but Flexmail will not upload/synchronize messages at all. I have seen many web posts like this but no one seems to have an answer. This works fine with Outlook at home but not with Flexmail, yet.
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    Here is what I do with the Sent folder thing - it is a work around since I really became dependent upon the way ChatterEmail handled that function. Anyway:

    I BCC myself in the Everyone.Net settings to another email server (the email server I do this to is GMail) and I have the GMail account set to forward all mail it receives to the Everyone.Net account. That gives me a for real copy of the sent email. Then I move the email to the desired folder as needed at that time or whenever the desire strikes me.
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    Following the instructions from Flexmail tech support below, I was able to get the Sent messages uploaded to my IMAP server properly.

    "Here's how I was able to have sent items copied to the "sent items" folder.

    You may have to create a new account in Flexmail (if your messages are stored on your mail server, then they will be pulled down in the new account).

    After createing a new account, go to Server Folders, and refresh, to download the folder structure. Highlight the "Sent Items" server based folder, and make it the sent folder in flexmail. At this point, any messages sent were sent to the server based sent items folder (confirmed by looking at the mail account in Outlook Express.

    I think the key is to define the sent items folder before actually sending mail."

    "I forgot to mention - after defining the "sent items" as your sent folder, please go to the folder details and enable uploading and downloading for that folder."
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    I all ready have that defined and that is the way it worked with ChatterEmail. I was not able to obtain this feature to work reliably - sometimes it worked and most of the time not. I went so far as to create 2 different folders, made sure the sync was enabled on the device for both folders and gosh, it worked, but not reliably. Hence the forwarding of mail DOES work without a hitch and at that point I can either leave it in the inbox for later filing or do it then. Thanks for the update though.

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