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    It works great!! Thanks for letting us know.
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    Yes, this is a nice little app. It does not seem to automatically play Youtube videos that are linked or embedded on web pages though, is that correct?
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    Wow this works really well.
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    Ohh WOW! finally this phone is becoming a usable phone. Between YouTube and SPB Mobile Shell 3.0, this phone is great. The YouTube program works seamlessly. It is clear and doesn't skip, unlike Sprint TV with little reception. Now all we have to wait for is Someone to create a ROM for 6.5.
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    Its look good too. Glad that fix it now the 800w is sweet. LOL Had to do a hard reset and when I redownloaded the google app. I notice it had been updated.
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    i gave it a 5 star rating hopefully more people will vote & realize that this program does work!
    thanks for letting everyone know that this program does work. this program is what I really needed
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    Just installed version 2.0.11. works great so far. Nice controls.
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    Works great for me. Finally!!
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    Works great... needs a few extra's, but works very nice indeed...
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    (Noob here) I cant seem to find the app from the link provided in the first page. I know everyone has an updated version, but I cant seem to get what the name is. Sorry and thanks.
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    Just go to & click More, choose YouTube & download. If not, just go to & it will tell you to download it.
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    Quote Originally Posted by reverendrhino View Post
    Just go to & click More, choose YouTube & download. If not, just go to & it will tell you to download it.
    Thank you.
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    Quote Originally Posted by CaptinClutch View Post
    Thank you.
    No problem, anytime.
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    Version 2.1.1 is available now. I will try and report back.
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