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    Does anyone know how to remove Activesync from the Treo800w? I go to "remove programs" and it's not listed as an option to remove. I'm syncing via a usb to a Windows Vista PC. I think I installed activesync as a mistake when I setup the phone. I just read that Windows Vista uses Windows Mobile Device for syncing.

    If I do a hard reset, will all software (Sprint TV, Windows Live, etc...) and all phone settings be erased?

    Thanks in advance.
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    Activesync cannot and should not be uninstalled from your Treo 800w.

    Activesync on the device is used to synchronize your phone with your computer and/or exchange server.

    For Windows Vista, instead of a desktop version of Activesync (used on previous versions of Windows), Microsoft switched to Windows Mobile Device Center which allows you to synchronize your 800w with your PC.

    Basically, Activesync for your 800w is for your 800w, and Windows Mobile Device Center is for your PC. You don't need to uninstall anything.

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