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    I just got my Sprint Treo Pro to replace a HTC Touch Pro this morning. I have run in to one rather annoying problem so far. During a phone call, the screen will not completely turn off. I unlock the phone and press the power button on the top and it does nothing. If I hold the power button in, it disconnects my call and turns off the power. I have tried hard and soft resetting two different times now. Is anyone else having this problem or am I missing something obvious?
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    I find this annoying too. The screen is locked during a call though, and will dim to save battery. I liked the ability to turn off the display while on a call when I had the Touch Pro.

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    This is normal. I actually like that it stays lit.
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    Yeah, I never had my 700wx turn off either during a phone call. It's normal, unless you have some reg hack.

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