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    I swapped my Sprint pro yesterday for a new one...the old one i got in january and it had a TON of scratches and the screen did too use from regular use and being in my pocket....I figure I gotta keep this one in good shape....whats a good case or skin? what about screen protector?
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    I don't know if they are the best since it all comes down to personal preference, but I went with the following:

    - Boxwave Crystal

    - Innocase II Surface
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    If you get the Innocase, get it from Sprint and it comes with the Seidio holster for free. You won't need a screen protector after that, in fact I removed mine when my case/holster arrived.
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    I use the Boxwave Armor Case, a hard aluminum case. Loving it so far. Very rugged, and doesn't add as much heft to the phone as I feared. Screen is covered by a hard plastic shield; the front of the case opens on a hinge for quick access.
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    I think the OP prefers to keep his phone in his pocket instead of using a case. So, i suggest you this one, ceap and very good quality:

    Total body Skin for the Palm Treo Pro $7.99
    www[dot]bestskinsever[dot]com/servlet/the-133/Palm-Treo-Pro-Skin/Detail]Palm Treo Pro Skin

    Exact same product sold at Zagg invisibleSHIELDs™ for 1/3 price.
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