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    Hello -

    I have the GSM Treo Pro with RealVGA installed. I also installed ArielBattery2 to fix the battery icon problem that results from RealVGA.

    The problem I'm having is that the Ariel Battery icon keeps shifting towards the right side in the taskbar. This causes the "broken" battery icon to show up and the first digit in the clock is obscured. For example, when it's 10:30, all I can see is 0:30. Even if I adjust the icon position through Tools --> Settings, the ArielBattery icon returns to its off-center position whenever I "wake up" the phone.

    FYI: I have the GSM TP. I have very few programs installed. The only programs running on my Today screen are SPB Diary and ArielBattery.

    Is anyone else having this problem? I've attached two screenshots to show before/after.

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    Set your time format to add the leading zero and it will then stay in place. 02:30 instead of 2:30
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    I tried that, but it has no effect. The ArielBattery icon still shifts over, regardless of whether the time format is h:mm or hh:mm, or how the icon is positioned through Tools --> Settings.
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    For me, I am running this. I had to make the left edge of the battery have a one or two pixel space from the last bar of the highest signal. From your posted images you are trying to make the right side too close.
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    Working fine on my GSM Pro with Ariel Battery v2.1

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