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    I know it may be a little early to ask this question.. But has anyone gotten an Alltel Pro to work successfully on the Verizon network?

    I spoke to a Verizon rep the other day who told me that a lot of Alltel phones will work with no problem, but with some they have to be "flashed".

    Just wondering if anyone has done this yet..
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    I have an Alltel Treo Pro ( ATP? ) and talked with the CSR that sold me the phone about the inevitable move to Verizon that I am avoiding as long as possible. The phone should only require an ESN switch over to get it to work with Verizon.

    However, the ATP has a few features available that Big Red doesn't like, because it can potentially circumvent their data plans. So, my guess will be that a Flash will probably be needed to switch over. The odds of them having the software already available for this to be done is kinda small though.

    I'd be interested to see if someone did actually get this switched over to Verizon though.
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    Anyone doing this yet?
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    I don't think it would be very hard to make it work with Alltel's software still loaded on it.

    Besides activating it on Verizon and programming it with your number and downloading a Verizon PRL you'll need to get data working and MMS.

    For data:

    The data authentication user name and password can be changed to by:
    dialing ##778#
    Edit, Unlock code is six zeroes
    Press View Info (left soft key) and select Security

    You will then need to change these to the appropriate information for VZW. Someone who is more familiar with Verizon can tell you what goes here.

    For the record, Alltel's usernames for HDR and PPP is set to 6625551212 @ (, and the password for HDR is the pESN in hex (Can be found in your phone... Start --> Settings --> System --> About --> Phone. It's 8 alphanumeric characters. In the About screen it showes 0x in front of it. Strip the 0x for the password). The password for PPP is alltel (lowercase one word).

    To get MMS working, probably involves changing a registry key of the MMSC URL. You may want to download the Palm Messaging application from TreoCentral and change the MMSC in it to Verizon's.

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