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    so is anyone having the missed calls, crappy voice, taking forever for sms's to come through that we have been having on the 800w?

    basically i'm curious if i'm still going to get problems because of windows mobile or if the treo 800w is actually just sucky. My caller ID doesn't work properly. It never displays the correct name (if my calls come through) and sometimes my texts take a day to come through. I restart it every day. My picture mail has never worked on it since i bought it (and paid full price) and sprint worked on it 3 times and kept it for about a week and told me it was fixed and low and behold, it still doesn't work.

    Are those problems still going on with the pro? I don't want to get the pro and then get screwed if the pre comes out and these problems are fixed. I need a phone that works now though. I'm on call at the hospital and twice been late for a call in because my phone never rang through.
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    In short, no. Then again, your experience may vary (i.e. my 800w has none of the issues your has).

    If you have that many problems, why not just get a new phone or just go try the Pro for a few days? I mean it can't be any worse.

    Lots of reviews, opinions and comparisons have been made between the two in this forum already--mostly positive, just try searching around as your questions have been answered numerous times already. (I also did a hands-on months ago)

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    I've been happy with the Pro. It has not had any of the problems with it that I had with the 800w (missed calls, poor battery, disappearing keylock display, colored confetti display). I also haven't had the problems I've had with the 755p (random resets, slow repsonse changing screens). With the exception of the threaded messaging snafu (my ONLY complaint so far), I'm very happy with it. Download speed is better on files, WiFi is excellent. It also has true MMS messaging, without downloading a special Sprint program. Heck, it even plays The Sims 2!! There have been talks about reception issues, but I've not noticed anything that would label that as a problem.

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    mal, thanks for the response. I've searched for all the stuff and read everything i can about it but haven't seen anything directly about the missed calls problem that's why i asked.

    I had a lot of problems and they've replaced mine 3 times and told me it was fixed every time. I paid for it full price too. I'm just scared that the missed call problem is windows because i never had it on my palm os devices.

    I appreciate the responses. That makes me feel better about trying a pro and seeing if it's the 800w. So far every 800w has done it to me. I'm a physician's assistant and so far i've missed 2 on call trauma's for it and i'm pending losing my job this week because of this stupid phone. I'm just upset because i NEVER had that problem. Glitches are one thing but that's completely unacceptable. And yes, i carry a pager too....that's how they finally got ahold of me but i was late so i still got chewed.

    Test for treo pro it is. If it screws me and i still keep my job then i'm returning it to go back to the 755p that never let me down.
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    yeah, I think the Pro will work out for you, unless its some weird network issue where you are, but the Pro seems quite stable. I didn't notice any real bugs with it, so seems solid enough.

    Good luck!

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    Ok I don't have a Pro,but I do have a touch, WinMo PPC, and I have none of those problems so not sure I would blame WinMo for it.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Malatesta View Post
    yeah, I think the Pro will work out for you, unless its some weird network issue where you are, but the Pro seems quite stable. I didn't notice any real bugs with it, so seems solid enough.

    Good luck!
    ya, after 3 treo's i've never had a "network" issue so i doubt that it's a network problem. My friends that have sprint would be having the same problems too if it was network.

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