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    So here's the story:

    The other day I noticed that my phone wasn't syncing my calendar appts from google calendar to my 800w. I determined it was because my phone somehow lost the settings for activesync. Then when I was typing, I noticed that the phone was doing auto completion different. For some reason, my phone lost my configuration settings and retained my emails, texts, contacts, etc.

    Next occurance was just a moment ago. I was trying to make an appointment to have my wisdom teeth pulled (fek!) and the phone wouldnt dial out. I would enter the number and it would get stuck saying "dialing" but it would never go to active. I pulled the battery from the phone to do a soft reset and when I re-entered the battery, I noticed it was taking abnormall long to boot back up. I was then greeted with the initial calibration/getting started screens. This time I determined that ALL and not some of m settings were completely erased. I still have all of my contacts etc. My phone restored all of the original applications while simultaneously keeping the old ones. WTH!!???

    Is this a physical problem with the phone? Possible memory problem?
    Has anyone experienced this and remedied it with a hard reset? HALP!
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    Haven't heard of this one, but a hard reset is certainly worth a try.
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    The same thing happened to my 4th 800w. I was able to restore the settings from a backup, but it lost them again. Shortly afterwards it became unbootable so I had to replace it.
    Note that I had a Sprint tech hard reset it, but it still was unbootable.
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    This happens to my 800w a lot ... I am much better at making backups these days. Sometimes I'll go a month without this happening, other times it happens twice in one week. No rhyme or reason as to what is causing it.

    I took my 800w in to the Sprint store the other day, and they have ordered me a replacement ... we'll see if that helps.

    My suspicion is that the flash memory is slowly deteriorating, causing the file system to get corrupted ... but that is just a WAG on my part.
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    This is unfortunate. I never had this problem with my first 800w, but that one bit the dust because it was unable to hard reset. Now I'm having this ridiculous problem with my second treo. FML

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