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    Hey Folks,
    I have encountered an issue when I try to establish a hotsync conduit with my Treo 800. When I try to establish the link with the software (Keyoe Diet Assistant) it doesn't have my Treo 800 listed as a user. I am running Windows Vista and windows Mobile Device Center.

    According to the user manual, the treo name should have been established during the first hotsync with the PC. When I go to "My Document". "Documents on FredPhone". I guess "FredPhone" is not the name assigned to the Treo since it's not appearing as a user.

    My 3 questions are:

    1) Where can I find the isername of the Treo?
    2) How can I change/establish the name?
    3) Is the Windows Partnership name "FredPhone" the same as the Treo user name?

    Any help would be appreciated so I can get on with my new year's diet plan :-)
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    start>settings>system>about>Device ID
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    The device name i s: "Treo800w"

    since I've never seen this name in any of my PC folders, it looks like a can of worms have been opened. I assume my Treo has not been hotsyncing via windows mobile device center under "Treo800w" (which explains why it is not listed as a user).

    Not sure where to start, but it looks like I'll be up tonight trying different options. Anyone else have similiar issues?
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    You might also try start>settings>owner information. I believe the name listed under this section is what is used when establishing a bluetooth connection.

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