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    For those who have ever been to Berlin and seen the little guys on the pedestrian crossing lights there - here they are in the right format for a power on and power off splash screen for the Treo. I am currently using them in place of the offensive Telstra ones that appeared on my device after it was sent in for repair in Europe (go figure...).

    If you copy them into your Windows folder as RadioWelcome.bmp and RadioGoodbye.bmp then they will replace the standard Palm Treo Pro ones.

    Now if only I could find the registry entry or the config file that tells the Pro which files to use, so that the standard ones didn't get blown away...

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    In case you want to change which images are shown as splash screens on phone power up and power down, then you need to edit the following registry entries:


    You can even disable them by setting the following to 0:


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    Very cool!

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