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    Hi guys,

    After getting my Treo Pro back from Palm Europe after repair, I noticed that they installed a Telstra Australia ROM image, including splash screens and shortcuts etc. So now I want to know how I go about replacing the splash screens etc, while I wait for Palm to get back to me on providing me with the correct image.

    I looked in the Windows directory and found the RadioGoodbye.bmp and RadioWelcome.bmp, but these actually contain the original Treo Pro images. Searching further I came across the Telstra Powerup_320x320.bmp and Telstra ShutDown_320x320.bmp files which are the offending and offensive splash screens.

    So now I am wondering if there is a file on the Pro that points to these rather than the standard splash screens? If so, which file is it?

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    In case you want to change which images are shown as splash screens on phone power up and power down, then you need to edit the following registry entries:


    You can even disable them by setting the following to 0:



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