I've just become aware of a very annoying little issue on my Treo Pro. It is really messing round with the sync'ing of my favorites in Internet Explorer. Sometimes it does it, sometimes it does not. Sometimes it wipes out all my favorties on the TP and keeps the ones in mobile favorties on my PC. Sometimes it wipes my favorites from mobile favorites on my PC and leaves them okay on my TP. Sometimes it removes SOME, but not all my favorites on both.

I have tried deleting all of them on both my PC and my TP and then adding them all back on my TP and then sync'ing, which did seem to work okay. However when I then add a new one to my TP subsequently and sync, it seems to delete all the old ones and just leave the one new one I added. It does however only seem to do this in Folders in Favorites, i.e. the ones in (what I'll refer to as...) the root are always okay.

I've tried to do a bit of searching on this one and the only tip I have found so far is to disable the synching of Favorites, which should allow me to have a nice set up on the TP (which I suppose is what I want). However, it is kinda nice to be able to add favorites on my PC that I might want to use and synch them, so if there is a way to get it to work properly, I'd be glad of the advice.