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    I have the VZW 700WX for about 2 months, been using Nightriders latest 1.3 WM6.1 Rom, and now for some reason my phone wants to get all crazy on me when receiving texts.
    From some texts, all I will get is "Please call ###-###-####" (with the #'s being the number of the sender of the text). This problem is extremely annoying and it just started this. I have done a hard reset, and still no fix to it.
    If someone can help me out it will be greatly appreciated.
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    I think your wireless carrier might be your best bet. Depending on the carrier, to troubleshoot this they take your phone off the network complete then reprovision it and that sometimes resolves issues similar to this. Usually, when sending/ receiving texts and calls, if a hard reset doesn't resolve the issue then it has to be something on the carrier's side. If not, the firmware on your phone is corrupted and now you need to replace the device.

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