I have been in a long quest in search for the perfect windows mobile device. I am bias towards Windows Mobile device.

so, i have had the treo 800 for several months. and was I dissapointed. The main problems i had was:

1) no option to plug a seperate stereo headset
2) the headset that came with device was P-A-T-H-E-T-I-C
3) battery was a piece of %$#
4) if i had a nickel for every time i reset i be.......

1) this is a no brainer. when you make the device, add an option to plug a headset. why do you not include this?????? dont tell me it cost more to do that. these devices are built on an assembly line. once the mold is made, then it is like cookie cutter from then on

2) the headset was a damn joke. if i am in a cave, with no civilization in sight, yea, sure the headset works. but what the hell. i was traveling via plane and i couldnt hear nothing. We as consumer pay our hard earned money for a mutimedia device and they put a crappy headset. and for those who say that these WM device are for phone calls, well YOUR WRONG. if manufacturer is gonna advertise that their device plays MP3, streaming video, Sprint tv, videos, movies, radio, etc., then you better back it up with GREAT sound quality this frustrated me the most. cause when i get a WM device, i am looking to use the multimedia aspect of it. but you cripple me when you jack up a critical thing like sound quality.

3) once again, a multimedia device with no juice????? enough said
4) well, i reset several times a day. nothing is more annoying then having to reset the phone when i need to tap into it ASAP. i.e. driving to a location for appointment and the phone locks up.

basically, the above made me want to get the treo pro. i need a device that is more than a phone. if i wanted a phone, then i would get standard phone. but we all pitch in our money for the all around device. I am looking forward to using my pro to help organize my life. also, if i want to watch videos/movies on an airplane, then i would with actual good sound quality. i will also have the option to use my noise cancellation headphones, which should be standard. as for lock ups on phone, that is yet to be seen. but i know that it would be better than 800w. that was dissapointing.

in closing, the WM devices are retailing for several hundreds of dollars. we pay that amount expecting a great device. in return, the manufacturers should provide a great product. am i expecting something perfect, NO. but the basics should be there. we shouldnt have to be scientist to make the device "normal."

I ordered the treo pro ($199). i am a premier customer so they took care of me. for those who are thinking about treo 800, good luck. is the phone bad? to me YES. but all i said here is my opinion.

beggers cant be choosers. but in this case, i am a chooser cause i aint begging.